A History of the Pearl-Jewett Family Reunions



The above photo is of the 2006 Pearl Family Reunion.

The first Jewett Reunion was held July 28, 1935 at the home of Elmer C. Jewett at Clark’s Corner, Hampton, CT. Elmer Jewett was voted to be the first President of the Reunion and Viola Jewett Clapp was elected to serve as Secretary and Treasurer. During the WWII years, 1942-1945, the Reunion was not held. The Pearl family was always present at these reunions as members of the Jewett family through their descent from Maria Jennings Jewett who married John Porter Pearl in 1847. For many years the Pearls also held their own separate family reunions.

Looking back at the secretary minutes of the Jewett Reunion, it can be seen that the Jewetts held most of the reunion offices for all those early years. By the 1950’s more and more Pearl names were in evidence as officers and the reunions were mainly being held at either the Hampton Congregational Church Parish House, or at the homes of Pearl family members. It was the 44th reunion in 1982 at the home of Austin and Marion Emmons in Columbia, CT that the joint use of the names Jewett and Pearl was used for the annual joint meeting of the two families. However, the official vote to carry the name Jewett/Pearl Reunion was not taken until the 46th reunion in 1984, 2 years later. Since then fewer and fewer Jewetts have attended our reunions. None have come in the past few years. At our 2006 reunion, it was voted to rename our annual gathering the Pearl Reunion deleting the Jewett name altogether.

It should be noted here that the feeling of the members of the Pearl family is that the Jewetts are part of our family and will be heartily welcomed.

— All of us would dearly love to have Jewett ‘cousins’ attending our reunions again!!

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