The Brown-Pearl Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

In the November/December 2009 issue of their magazine “Preview”, the Museum of Fine Arts has a short article and photograph on page 16 announcing the reinstallation of “Brown-Pearl Hall” which was the main living space from the old Pearl Family Homestead in West Boxford, MA, built in about 1704 (a few years before Timothy Pearl moved to Hampton, CT).  The museum acquired the room in 1925.

The hall will be one of nine galleries in the MFA’s new “American Wing” period rooms .  The article says that the “Brown-Pearl Hall will replicate the cooking, dining and sleeping space of an Essex County family of the period.” 

It was discovered during renstallation that the room, when on display in its original location in the nuseum (from 1928-2003) had been assembled backwards, and notes that “when the wing opens in [late fall] 2010, visitors will see for the first time Brown-Pearl Hall as it was originally constructed 300 years ago.'”

A search of the MFA website turned up the following photographs of the hall, apparently taken at various points in time during the 75 years prior to its dissassembly in 2003 (in preparation for the construction of the new wing):

2 thoughts on “The Brown-Pearl Hall at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  1. I am so excited to see this web site! Thank you so very much for putting this together. I live in Michigan. I am from John Pearl, Timothy Pearl line.
    My line:
    John Pearl b.1650
    Timothy Pearl b.1694
    Timothy Pearl b.1723
    Oliver Pearl b.1749
    Oliver Pearl b.1788 moved from Connecticut to Berlin Heights Ohio about 1819
    Oliver Sexton Pearl b.1813
    Simeon Oliver Pearl b. 1851
    Helen Orinda Pearl b.(my grandmother) b. 1896 Unfortunately I did not know my grandmother, she died from having many strokes in 1936. She married Charles Harold Blades of Lansing Michigan and they produced 2 daughters, the one being my mother Mary Elizabeth Blades, born 1927 died 2000.
    It is wonderful to have this web site to come to and I plan to come back often.
    Kind Regards,

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